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Revolutionary War Sites

The Boston Tea Party Museum

Click on the links to the left to explore the site. There are printable activities and sections to read. Check out the Tea Party Gazzette in the Activities section

Liberty - The American Revolution
Many sections:
Chronicle of the Revolution: Headlines, timelines, articles, about the American Revolution. Topics include Boston 1774, Philadelphia 1776, Trenton 1776, Saratoga 1777, Yorktown 1781, Philadelphia 1791, Timeline of the Revolution.
Perspectives on Liberty: Three sections - Daily Life in the Colonies, The Global Village, Military Point of View
The Road to Revolution: A multiple choice quiz with interactive answers. ---

The Freedom Trail

Click on EDUCATION to see photos of the various sites on the Freedom Trail and to listen to some podcasts.

Boston Massacre

Captain Thomas Preston’s Account of the Boston Massacre

First person account of the Boston Massacre written March 13, 1770.

Anonymous Account of the Boston Massacre
Good for comparison with with Capt. Preston’s account.

Boston Massacre Engraving

Behind-the-scenes look at Paul Revere's engraving of this famous event. Analysis of the elements of engraving.
The Constitution

Declaring Independence

A timeline of the writing of the Declaration. Click on Drafting the Document for a more detailed description.

John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence

Hover mouse over painting to learn more about each person

Declare Yourself –
Scroll down to find Declaration of Independence Performance
A performance of a reading of the Declaration with Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, Renee Zellweger and Wynona Ryder.

The National Archives Experience
3 sections – Sign the Declaration, Creating the Declaration, The Signer’s Gallery
• In Sign the Declaration you get to put your name on the document and decide to support the revolution
• Creating the Declaration is a timeline
• The Signer’s Gallery tells more about each signer

The Road to Revolution Game
Answer questions to travel further on the road to revolution

Declaration of Independence Quiz

And a New Nation is Born
Timeline written by students covering the period from the French and Indian War (1760) through the adoption of the Constitution (1787)

Chosing Revolution – An Electronic Field Trip

Outstanding site from Colonial Williamsburg. Students take on the role of a slave in Williamsburg, Virginia in the summer of 1775. Your mission is to gather secrets from the Patriots and from the Loyalist and then decide to whom you will turn over the information.
Click here for US GOVERNMENT links and a project.
Settlements in North America
Colonial Kids - link
Colonial Family Questions
Slavery Sites

A World of Slavery -
Click here for a
worksheet to go with this site.

A Slave on Three Continents

Briefly describe Olaudah Equiano's life in the six different stages discussed in this site.

Witness A Slave Auction

Click here for a
worksheet to go with this site

Living Under Enslavement

Check out this site from the Ford Heritage Foundation and explore what life was like for slaves in Georgia. Read the text and follow the directions - there are many sound and video files as well as text and photos.
History Mystery

The Vikings - written by students in New Foundland, Canada

The Vikings - written by students at the Snaith School in England

Here Come the Vikings!
Explorer Web Sites
Updated 11/23/10

1) Explorer Poems – written by 5th graders

2) Explorers – information, quizzes, timelines, etc.

3) Zoom Explorers – information on all types of explorers

4) Age of Exploration – from the Maritime Museum. Includes Timeline, Biographies, Vocab. Not flashy, but good information.

5) Who Goes There – European Exploration of the New World – written by 5th and 6th graders

6) Yahooligans – type the word “explorer” in the search box or search for a particular explorer’s name

Walk the Plank – Age of Exploration

Walk the Plank – Voyages of Discovery
Liberty's Kids - great info about historical who, what and when in the ARCHIVES
3 Branches of Government

A Thinkquest site – reading, trivia, etc.

Congress for Kids

Game about the 3 branches of gov’t – can play one person or two people

US Goverment Jeopardy

Lewis and Clark

Interactive Journey

Lewis and Clark Go West
Civil War

The Civil War for Kids

The Civil War
Readings, quizzes, activities
Colonies of Jamestown, Roaonke and Plimouth
13 Colonies
Colonial America

Daily Life in Colonies

You are the Historian - Investigating the First Thanksgiving

Jump Back in Time

Investigate America - Colonial America

The 13 Colonies - written by students in Iowa

The New England, Middle and Southern Colonies

The Thirteen Colonies Interactive Map

Interactive 13 Colonies - info appears in the window on the right

BrainPop - Thirteen Colonies (this movie is free, so you don't need to log in to watch it
Patriots and Loyalists
Paul Revere Virtual Museum

Paul Revere’s Ride Poem Audio Files


This is from NPR (National Public Radio) – use the link for Windows Media Player

Web Page And Reading By Rev. Bill McGinnis
History Alive textbook online