Copies of all notices will be emailed and will posted here.
Please check on a regular basis.
Each cast member will need
black jazz or ballet shoes (something soft soled) for the performances. Dress shoes and regular sneakers are just too loud on stage.

Before you go out and buy anything, check with friends/neighbors/relatives and see if you can borrow a pair. There is a limited supply of shoes in the computer lab in a box labeled “SHOE BOX”. You are welcome to come by anytime and go through the box to see if there’s anything that fits.

Dance shoes can be purchased at many regular shoe stores.
Local dance stores include:
Andover Discount Dance & Costume
33 S Broadway
South Lawrence, MA 01843 
Toll-Free: (800) 507-4600
Phone: (978) 687-0443
Patterson's Dancewear
185 Cambridge St
Burlington, Ma 01803
You can also go online – I often shop at Discount Dance ( – click on SHOES and then on BALLET SLIPPERS or JAZZ SHOES – you can sort them by price – should cost between $15 and $25.
Some low cost black ballet shoe choices include:
•         Bloch Women's "Dansoft" Ballet Slipper
•         Bloch Girl's "Dansoft" Ballet Slipper
•         Capezio Kid's Unisex "Daisy" Ballet Slipper

Some low cost black jazz shoe choices include:
•         Dance Now Kid's Unisex Jazz Shoe
•         Dance Now Women's Jazz Shoe
•         Dance Class Jazz Boot for Children