Negative Numbers!

1) Primary Resources Negative Number Order
You have to put the hats on the children in order from smallest to largest good to review place value

2) Negative Numbers
Good for teaching uses number lines lots of practice problems can check immediately if correct or incorrect.

3) A Plus Math Negative Number Flash Cards
Good for practice

4) Skillwise Negative Numbers
From the BBC worksheets, instruction and a game for ordering numbers

5) A Simple Game
Good for addition skills - can change adjust the difficulty level in "configure game"

6) Test Prep
Printable worksheets for addition and subtraction

7) Addition and Subtraction of Integers
Questions and explanations.

8) AAA Math - Addition of Negative Numbers (1 digit) (2digits)

9) AAA Math - Subtraction of Negative

10) Virtual Manipulatives - Adding Integers Game

11) Virtual Manipulatives - Subtracting Integers Game