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Birth of a Nation

A Thinkquest Junior site about the Revolution written by sixth graders. The PEOPLE and PLACES sections are very good.

And A New Nation is Born

Interactive timeline of the American Revolution produced by fifth graders. Begins in 1760 with the French and Indian War and ends in 1787 with the U.S. Constitution.

Liberty! The American Revolution


A “Congress of Websites” from the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia.
Some good areas to explore include: Betsy Ross, Liberty Bell, Revolutionary War 1777, and Town Criers. Check out the other sections too!

The Freedom Trail

Take the VIRTUAL TOUR to see 16 historic sites in and around Boston.

Revolutionary War: Lexington and Concord

A fictional account of the battle, told from a soldier’s point of view.

The Colonies During the Revolutionary War

A clickable map with information about the battles of Trenton, Concord and Lexington, Bunker Hill, and Monmouth.
Everyday Math Sites
Many thanks to the Kent Schools in Washington for collecting all of these sites!
Owl Pellets

Owl Pellets

Site with information about owls, food, life cycle, etc. written by students.

Owl Pellets

Photos and writings by 3rd graders in Louisana

How to Dissect Owl Pellets

Short photo essay on how to.

Owl Pellet Pictures

Photos of student dissecting owl pellets.


Excellent site that allows virtual dissection of owl pellets. Need to use a PC!

Skulls and Skeletons

Use this site to complete the worksheet.
13 Colonies
Colonial America

Daily Life in Colonies

You are the Historian

Jump Back in Time

Investigate America - Colonial America
The 50 States

Explore the States

The US 50

Net State

Stately Knowledge

Fact Monster - 50 States

MacMillan spelling, vocab and grammar for Grade 3.

Thanks to Brick Township, NJ for this site!
Math Facts
Passengers on the Mayflower

Mayflower History

List of names and biographical information

List of names with some information
Sites About Pilgrims

You Are the Historian

The First Thanksgiving

FunBrain- Measure It!

The Ruler Game

Measuring Sloping Lines

E-Lab Precise Measurements

Reading Measures

Bitesize Math - Measurements

Shape Surveryor (Area and Perimeter)
Map Skills
Reading Maps -

Pizza Delivery -

National Geographic Maps - Tools for Adventure

Cyberchase and the Eye of Ram -

Landscapes – Map Skills
I Know That!
National Geographic Kids
Water Cycle